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Prompt and reliable pulp deliveries throughout Europe and around the world thanks to well-managed logistics and a wide network of partner warehouses.

We will develop for you the best solutions for pulp and packaging products deliveries from our suppliers.



Responsible and individual approach to the needs of the client, speed and accuracy of execution, as well as the optimization of logistic services are the key principles which our team takes the most pride in. Many years of successful experience in the pulp industry allows us to create an efficient mechanism that is sensitive to the changing needs of our customers and the industry as a whole.

Our clients value the high quality services that our company offers. Constant communication and regular meetings with our partners and Baltliner’s top management have become a good tradition that contributes to the establishment of direct contact and a deeper understanding of our customer’s needs.

We are open for new business relations and will be happy to help you to work out the best solutions.




We offer shipment of the following pulp types: 

  • chlorine-free bleached, sulphate pulp from hardwood (birch and mixed);
  • chlorine-free bleached, sulphate pulp from softwood  (Pine,   spruce );
  • chlorine-free bleached, sulphate pulp from eucalyptus  (eucalyptus )
  • chlorine-free bleached, sulphite pulp from from softwood  (Pine,   spruce );
  • chlorine-free bleached, sulphite pulp from from hardwood (birch and mixed);
  • unbleached sulphate coniferous pulp from northern timber species;
  • dissolving pulp;
  • thermomechanical pulp;
  • and other particular types;


We offer the following types of packaging materials:
  • unbleached kraftliner, 100 % of virgin fibers;
  • semi-chemical fluting, 100 % of virgin fibers;
  • white top (bleached) kraftliner;
  • white top coated and uncoated testliner;
  • testliner 2, 3 schrenz;
  • waste paper fluting;
  • special thin bleached kraft paper types for the production of packaging for cosmetics;
  • bleached packaging cardboard;

Our Warehouses


Availability of warehouses throughout Europe

Our Partners


Our partners have many years of successful experience in the field of logistics, freight shipping and storage of goods, as well as customs clearance agents’ services. Thanks to an extensive partner network, we are always ready to work out the optimal goods supply scheme for you.